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Welcome to r/WarriorCats! This is a sub-reddit dedicated to fans of the Warriors series published by HarperColins. Warrior cats is about clans of feral cats surviving in the wild. Along the way they learn important lessons about life, war, love, and death. Join us, Warrior! The moans and groans of other cats in camp made Rainflower extra horny, so she started to hump Shellheart's muzzle. He gasped, and started to stick his tongue inside Rainflower's vulva. Brambleberry thrust hard, back against Shellheart. Their hips met, as Shellheart's huge full length was in the medicine cat. Warriors Mating Series By: FoxInSleight. A collection of mating stories based upon cats from the Warriors series. Submission form available at the end of chapter 1! For now only accepting canon cats. Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 8,418 - Reviews: 411 - Favs: 37 - Follows: 35 - Updated: Jul 20, 2013 - Published: Jun 2 ...Fairly Clean Warriors Lemons Tuesday, June 24, 2014 ... Petalfur was a beautiful she-cat, she would be a good mother to his kits. He steps out of the reeds, his fur glistening. "Hello" He meows smoothly. She looks back, startled. ... now a warrior, is nursing Shadowclaw's three kits. Squirrelkit, Ashkit, and Poppykit. Posted by Unknown at 12:49 ...

Warriors - They hunt and fight for the clan, and have kits. They're. allowed to have sex with anyone with or without consent. Apprentices - Training to be warriors or toys. Have the same. privileges as warriors. Kits - They're allowed to choose what path they'd like at. 6 moons, to either become a warrior or toy. Though the. unlucky ones become ...His speed was incredible until a sudden explosion of pleasure spread through Mossheart's body. Her juices poured out of her core as Shadowriver yowled to the sky. She felt his cum flood into her core, some dripping onto the ground. She fell down, panting from the fatigue. She could hear Shadowriver behind her, panting.He swirled it around, brushing her walls with his sandpaper tongue. Leafpool grunted in pleasure, and then reached up where Brambeclaw's member was hanging, thick, short (to Leafpool's surprise), and erect. She had to reach up quite far to put her muzzle around it, and then sucked with all her might.

Sandstorm laid next to him, staring deep into his eyes. She glanced at his limp member, feeling her arousal return despite having hardcore sex only a couple of minutes ago. She shuffled forward and began lapping their cum off of his penis. The sweet, salty tang of his cum. The familar honey-like juice of her own.

warriors lemons by lilysnowy. 6.1K 8 4. 18+ only suggestions always open. cats. lemons. catwarriors. +8 more. # 3. Bluefur's new journey by Berry 👁👄👁. 76 0 1. Bluefur was exiled …This is a awesome game, keep up the good work! Reply. dragontrainer52521 year ago. this is an alsome game, exited to see more updates ^^. Reply. itch.io·View all by VibingLemon·Report·Embed. This is the NEW and REMASTERED version of WC Simulator! Play in your browser.Chapter 126: Foxleap x fox. tw- cross-species, rape. heading out of the thunderclan camp foxleap stretched and glanced around. it was bright outside and the forest smelled nice. foxleap was glad that greenleaf finally arrived and that the cold was gone. scenting the air for any scents of prey foxleap then saw a mouse nearby and he got into …A rabbit hung limp in his jaws as he headed over. "Hi Darkpelt." She mewed. He placed the rabbit down and he licked her cheek. "Hi Lily flower ." She giggled as she laid down next to the rabbit. Darkpelt joined her and she took a bite of the fresh kill. Darkpelt followed as she glanced into his bright yellow eyes.

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Summary: Lustclan is a clan known for their lustrous and passion for mating. They will mate with anyone— regardless of status, gender; or age. But when a queen gives birth to her kits, she grows protective of them and is heavily against the acts of law.

Chapter 164: Leopardfur x Greystripe. Tw- watersports, humiliation. Smiling softly Leopardfur got up and yawned. She never expected to be so happy that a thunderclan cat would join her clan. Now Greystripe used to be a thunderclan cat and Leopardfur hates all thunderclan cats. he joined and killed Silverstream, impregnating her with his kits ...grumbling lionblaze hissed as he missed his catch and watched the bird fly away. He, out of rage clawed at the floor. It seemed nothing was going for the tom. He had to deal with heathertail's bullshit, the prophecy and the fact that tigerstar haunted him and that cinderheart was staying away from him.AND NOW THE LONG SUMMARY AND NAMES OF ALL THESE KITS (StarClan help me with all these names) 1. Whitewing and Birchfall had 3 kits, two she-cats and a tom. ⦁ …LEMONS: When Warriors gives you LEMONS you make LEMONADE By: Unknown.Anon16. A collection of warrior lemons. Feel free to leave suggestions. Rated: …Follow/Fav Warriors Lemons. By: LostLitwick. There will be many Warriors Lemons here. ... The ground started to shake as dozens of toms of all colors and sizes, even some kits and apprentices, walked out of the darkness, surrounding the three she-cats from a tree-length away. Jaypaw felt what great power Tigerstar possessed, ...

When Fireheart finally finished, Bluestar looked a moon pregnant, and both cats were exhausted. Fireheart collapsed on top of her, still deeply embedded, on her unconscious on her warm, cum filled belly into a deep sleep. "If only I got to keep my kits, Oakheart... None of them could've been as special as Fireheart.Dustpaw nudged Firepaw. Firepaw sneered and forced Sandpaw's mouth open farther. Dustpaw shoved his member into her mouth along with Firepaw. Sandpaw wailed in pain and thrashed her head. Firepaw pulled out and slammed his member into her core. He and Greypaw had a rhythm, one would thrust as they other pulled out.The warrior licked his newborn daughter to get her warm and breathing. Squirrelflight gave birth to her second kit, a mottled grey tabby. Leafpool shoved the kit over to Daisy. The cream queen began licking her. Finally, Squirrelflight's third kit was born. She looked like her father, but with a bushy tail like her mother.The two went to the fresh-kill pile and picked up a fish and carried it to the rock wall. Other warriors and apprentices were using the rock wall in the early morning, before the sun heated it up. They ate quietly, watching the Clan. Meadowflower, the medicine cat, padded past, a giant clump of herbs in her grey and cream jaw.Warriors Lemons. I do take requests. They can be straight, gay, or have multiple cats. No limits really. Form: Cat 1: (name, gender, age, what they look like, and 3-5 personality traits) Cat 2: (same as above) Add more if you wish. Type: (love, lust, rape, gang rape, lovelust, etc)

The orange cat stood up, a grin on his muzzle. He began to pad out. The gray tom followed. "Of course, Firestar, leader's word is law." He smirked as well. They left the den, eyes roaming camp. They spotted the sandy she-cat they were looking for. "Hunting patrol." Firestar murmured to the warrior beside him.Chapter 168: Breezepelt x Crowfeather. letting out a growl Breezepelt stared down at the ground and flexed his claws. he's so angry and he doesn't know what to do. well, he does have an idea. but it isn't the best idea, to say the least. although Breezepelt at this point is willing to try it. Breezepelt found out something that he shouldn't ...

Sunflight licked a hot trail up her spine, making the young cat shudder. When he came, it was hard and deep in Clovepaw. she came with him, their juices mixing. Snakeleap came in her mouth a few moment later, Clovepaw swallowing it all. Sunflight pulled reluctantly out of the tabby. She flopped on the ground, panting.He commanded. The two toms pulled out and switched spots, Tigerheart laying underneath Dovewing this time. the two continued their assault on Dovewing, all of them loving each second of it. They all came three more times before the toms grew bored. They pulled out of the she-cat and looked at each other.Books Warriors. Warriors Lemon and Mating Stories By: hds6205. I am making a fanfiction with lemons as its main focus. In this story you request a Warriors character (OC or canon) and I write about them mating. TAKING REQUESTS. Rated: Fiction M - English - OC - Chapters: 9 - Words: 22,590 - Reviews: 112 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 32 - Updated: Aug ...Bramblekit asked. Goldenflower nodded and smiled. "of course, we can!" "I'm going to take a nap." Bramblekit then ran into the nursery and curled up next to his sister, Tawnykit. smiling Goldenflower nodded before heading over to the fresh-kill pile, looking for a meal. she couldn't wait to fuck her son again.Hiroshi Mikitani wants Rakuten to be a household name, and he hopes to get there upon the jerseys of teams like FC Barcelona and the Golden State Warriors. Japanese e-commerce gian...It will be different warrior cats Lemons. I desperately need your ideas to write a story with, just follow the layout and you'll be away! Warrior Cats Fanfiction. Tell me what you want to see from the options as follows; Rape; A cat taking control of another without their permission and doing something sexual to them forcefully.He swirled it around, brushing her walls with his sandpaper tongue. Leafpool grunted in pleasure, and then reached up where Brambeclaw's member was hanging, thick, short (to Leafpool's surprise), and erect. She had to reach up quite far to put her muzzle around it, and then sucked with all her might.Ashfur x Squirrelflight. 2.8K 17 49. by Stuck_In_Nightmares. Ashfur charged through the forest, panting. His paws pounded on the ground, and his tail flew behind him. His legs and muscles burned like fire from running, but the gray-flecked tom didn't care. He heard the yowl once more. He heard the yowl of the she-cat he care about most.

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Chapter 1: Leafpool. The days after Squirrelflight left him were some of the worst of Ashfur's life. His stomach turned every time he saw her; their eyes would meet briefly before she looked away, shoving down whatever emotions he elicited in her to go about her day, completely ignoring him. He felt sick and heavy with a lonely, festering ...

"O-Oh Darkpelt… I want your big member inside me!, Fill me up with your come,errr… I want your kits!" she regretted every word but a small part of her wanted this. Ashpaw let out a yowl of pain as she felt Darkpelt slam into her virgin core. Again the larger tom thrusted back and forth, regrettably Ashpaw thrusted her hips back to meet his ...Hollypaw is getting her pussy rapidly pounded by her brother, Lionblaze. as Hollypaw watched her kits get fucked by her fathers that only turned her on more. she hopes that …Books Warriors. The Stories of Lustclan By: WarriorssXWarriors. There's a new clan, Lustclan. This clan is devoted to mating and lust. Rated M Warriors Belongs to Erin Hunter. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Chapters: 36 - Words: 20,920 - Reviews: 699 - Favs: 95 - Follows: 111 - Updated: Jun 29, 2014 - Published: Aug 31, 2013 - id ...Leafpool meets Mothwing after Squirrelflight's kits are born. Written for Femslash February Day 22: Anything for you. Series. Part 22 of Femslash February 2024; Language: English Words: 1,100 Chapters: 1/1 ... Cursed Warrior Cats Lemons by AbsolutelyFeral Fandoms: Warriors - Erin Hunter Explicit; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character ..."A sex battle. Everybody is free game but kits and heavily pregant queens. The clan with the most passed out warriors will will." Blackstar suggested. Thinking for a second Firestar nodded. "I agree." ~~~timeskip~~~ Leaping onto Rowanclaw Firestar pinned the tom against the ground and inserted his long cock inside him. Biting onto the ginger ...He blinked his eyes open, and saw both Jayfeather and Amberpaw licking a kit. They rested the two kits near the moss where Cinderheart was kitting, and Daisy pulled them close with her tail and started licking them, soothing their mewls. Lionblaze started pacing around the Nursery. Two she-cats guarded the Nursery.Warrior Cats Lemons Worrior_Studios. Chapter 185: Bluefin x Mushroom ... But Mushroom was never a good warrior and soon when the current medicine cat died he became the next one because of the fact he didn't like being a warrior. Although Mushroom refused to get a proper clan name. Some cats saw that as a bad omen but he was the only cat that ...Chapter 167: Leafpaw x Squrrielpaw x Firestar. tw- incest, underage, ear fucking, paw stuff. smiling softly Squrrielpaw headed over to Leafpaw and nuzzled her. the two of them are sisters but Squrrielpaw doesn't care. she does love her sister and that's what matters. the two of them had been secret mates ever since they first became apprentices ...Lemony Warrior Lemons By: darkrose45. I've decided to try this. UPDATE!: THIS STORY IS OVER. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Chapters: 58 - Words: 58,439 - …

The two had been apprentices, and had swore to be mated when they became warriors. It never happened since Moonbreeze was a kit at the time and had run off into the forest. A badger had found her and was trying to get to her. Larkpaw went on the patrol to stop the badger. The badger killed Larkpaw.When Firestar first got Sandstorm pregnant she told him that she wouldn't mate with him while she was pregnant. Firestar understood that and agreed even if he wasn't fully happy with it. After all mating while pregnant could have hurt his kits. When Sandstorm finally gave birth to his amazing daughters, Leafkit and Squrrielkit, she still ...The little white she-cat only wanted to be a medicine cat, Warmpelt was letting the kit help her carry herbs to cats. Hollystar purred as she watched her kits play. when Lightingstorm came over, all four launched themselves at their father. Hollystar chuckled at her mate as he played with their children. "Alright kits, get off your father.Instagram:https://instagram. porb dude I mean I'm not saying I particularly enjoy seeing these books but I just don't understand what the big deal is. I'd love an explanation though! There was an issue retrieving comments. Where stories live. Discover now. Read 2 - warriors smut from the story Warrior Cat Rants by WarriorzLove (˗ˏˋ paint ˎˊ˗) with 1,705 reads. warriorcats ...The warrior had reared up and was aiming a blow at her head, it was the perfect opportunity. She lunged forward, hooking her paws around their hindlegs, and pulled sharply. The ploy worked, they yowled in surprise and landed on their back. Ivypaw grinned in triumph, she was going to be the fiercest warrior the clans had ever seen. lisa simpson is naked Mating Lemons: Warriors! By: Morningleap. Welcome to Morningleaps Lemonade Stand, I destroyed my last Lemonade Stand because no one was coming to get lemonade. Yeah, anyway, this one is accepting OCs, so send'em in. :D [ [PAUSE NO MORE REQUESTS RIGHT NOW!]] Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - OC - Chapters: 8 - Words: 6,271 - Reviews: 91 ... lusty mature moms Lemony Warrior Lemons Chapter 54: Kits 3, a warriors fanfic | FanFiction. Lemony Warrior Lemons By: darkrose45. I've decided to try this. UPDATE!: THIS STORY IS …The librarian let her stay after school to research, as long as she left before 7PM. It was 6:30 now, and Sandstorm got up, ready to leave. Suddenly, cold hands gripped her waist from behind, and the person who did so stuck something sharp in her arm. Suddenly sleepy, she blinked and fell into a deep sleep... In Firestar's Dorm. black big booty solo Books Warriors. Warriors Lemon and Mating Stories By: hds6205. I am making a fanfiction with lemons as its main focus. In this story you request a Warriors character (OC or canon) and I write about them mating. TAKING REQUESTS. Rated: Fiction M - English - OC - Chapters: 9 - Words: 22,590 - Reviews: 112 - Favs: 40 - Follows: 32 - Updated: Aug ... amy fisher naked pics Follow/Fav Lemony Warrior Lemons. By: darkrose45. I've decided to try this. UPDATE!: ... Scarletheart cried as she pushed down on Creampelt's belly. already, two little kits rested near her and this one was the last one. Creampelt pushed and she felt something slip out. "Another little tom!" Scarletheart called out and Creampelt let her head ...Ayahuasca Amazonas, Bôca Do Acre, Amazonas, Brazil. 8,833 likes · 59 talking about this · 23 were here. CÉU DA AYAHUASCA AMAZONAS CNPJ : 46.645.190/0001-03 "Fornecimento de Medicinas para Instituições" racypoker com Chapter 126: Foxleap x fox. tw- cross-species, rape. heading out of the thunderclan camp foxleap stretched and glanced around. it was bright outside and the forest smelled nice. foxleap was glad that greenleaf finally arrived and that the cold was gone. scenting the air for any scents of prey foxleap then saw a mouse nearby and he got into …She and Brambleclaw has named the tomkit Alderheart, But Leafpool has named the She-kit Sparkkit, after Firestar. Squirrelflight looked over to her mother, whom she shared the nursery with. Sandstorm gave birth to three kits. Tumblekit, a pale tabby tom, Russetkit, a dark ginger tabby she-Cat, and Barkkit, a dusky brown (like his aunt) tom. ebony pusssy pics Pebbleshine's Kits is the sixteenth novella attributed by HarperCollins.[4] Special thanks to Cherith Baldry What happened to Pebbleshine after she was lost on SkyClan's journey to the lake? Looking for a shorter overview? Find one here! Pebbleshine is hunting, hunger driving her forward despite her fatigue. Knowing her Clanmates are going to give up on prey, she freezes at the right of a ... Both she-cats moaned loudly and continued. The two of them bucked their hips together, trying hard to cum. Both came together not long after, Cloudfoot shaking under the kit. Hawkkit rolled off the the warrior and bounded over to her brother. Fawnkit landed on Grasstail, a spikey furred grey and white tom. When twolegs buy a kitten, named Waffles, and bring him home. He thought he was fine, but when he got one year old, he decided he wanted the outdoor kittypet life. He thought he would have to fight to earn his position in the neighborhood, but the toms have another challenge for him... Rated M for sex scenes/Warriors mating lemons. tai emery nudes Warriors - Erin Hunter. The children of the treacherous Tigerstar, the once-deputy of ThunderClan and now the leader of ShadowClan, embarked on a mission to show their unwavering loyalty to their clan. Their task was to uncover what is responsible for the killing of prey within the clan's territory.When it finally came to be Sunset, you could look in almost every clanmate's eyes and see barely controllable lust for someone. Most of them were close to snapping and pouncing to their choice of a mate. Dustpelt came close, crashing into Millie's rear on a border patrol and penetrating her core with his muzzle. memphis monroe sperminator Sparkpelt is a flame-colored[11] tabby she-cat[1] with bright[6] emerald[12]-green eyes.[13] Sparkpelt is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Lionblaze's, Graystripe's, and Squirrelstar's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Sparkkit to Brambleclaw and Squirrelstar, along with her siblings Alderkit, … Unlike the main warrior clans, whose names are based after things revolving around nature, the four clans have names based after one of the seven deadly sins. They are: - Wrathclan: The clan much like Shadowclan in the main warrior books. This is the clan usually centered around the scary stories that queens often tell their kits to scare them ... xnxx cmo Warrior Cats Lemons Worrior_Studios. Chapter 110: Lionkit x Hollykit x Jaykit x Fox cubs Chapter Text. Tw- rape, underage, incest "are you sure this is smart?" Hollykit asked. ... So the three kits decided to sneak out of the camp to meet and then soon kill the fox cubs. After all they doubted that the fox cubs would be that much bigger then them. pronhub p Brokenstar is a matted,[25] dark brown tabby[3] tom[23] with a broad, flat face,[26] a bent tail,[9] and orange eyes.[27] Brokenstar was a ShadowClan leader in the forest territories and a member of the Dark Forest. He was born as Brokenkit to Yellowfang and Raggedpelt alongside his sisters, Hopekit and Wishkit, though only he survived. He was surrendered by his mother and given to ...Warrior lemons Request open! (Anything and any ship allowed expet for Ocs and more than 4 ways) Rated: Fiction M - English - Words: 570 - Reviews: ... One was a tortoiseshell and white she-kit who almost looked exactly like her mother. Her second kit was a dark gray tabby kit. She licked the kittens out of their sack and they began to feed. You're so good you little fuck, hhhhng!" The young she-cat purred as Briarlight licked the walls of her core. Spiderleg leaped over and shoved his member over Briarlight's face. "Rub it," He hissed. Obediently, Briarlight reached up and rubbed the base of his tomhood, caressing his balls as she ate Amberpaw out.